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Single invertebrate and description of homeostasis

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Choose a single invertebrate and describe how is carries out its homeostasis with respect to water and salt balance. Provide a detailed drawing or image (reference source) to illustrate your answer. please include diagrams or pictures may be right from the web.

Please look at the attached diagram, assuming that is along the correct lines, how would i explain the process of homeostasis according to that diagram. if that is wrong than please give me a diagram with detailed info regarding it....thanks

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The expert examines single invertebrates. A description of homeostasis is provided.

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Malpighian Tubules in the Grasshopper

A grasshopper does not have a closed circulatory system like we do. It has few blood vessels. Most of the blood (and lymph) just washes over the internal body organs much like pouring a bucket of water over a bunch of dirty dishes. As a result, there must be a way to clean out that blood/lymph fluid. The fluid is called hemolymph, so we'll use that term from now on.

The hemolymph carries nutrients to the tissues, and at the same time, removes waste products (nitrogen containing compounds) and ...

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