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Human Biology


In lab, you try burning marshmallows to estimate their caloric content. a) if a large marshmallow, when burned completely, raises the temperature of 1L of water 40 degrees, what is the approximately caloric content measured in nutritional calories (kcal or Cal)? b) how many calories would be required to raise 500g of water 3 de

Genetic Technology

One of the concerns mentioned in the chapter regarding the use of genetic technology centers around privacy issues such as "genetic discrimination." Once we improve our ability to screen the human genome for disease susceptibility, is there any level of testing that should be required by society as a means of reducing health car

Sport supplements are examined.

Companies that sell sport supplements make billions of dollars each year claiming by consuming their products the person can lose or gain weight. Assume the body weight is genetically determined and that any gain or loss in weight will cause the body to activate homeostatic mechanisms to cause the body to return to the original

Sickle-Cell Anemia

The text notes that an alternate allele of the hemoglobin gene can cause sickle-cell anemia when a person is homozygous for this allele, but that a person who is heterozygous for the allele actually can derive a benefit from it--protection from malaria. In the United States, 8 percent of African Americans are carriers for the si

Physiological changes occur during exercise

Many physiological changes occur during exercise. a. Design a controlled experiment to test the hypothesis that an exercise session causes short-term increases in heart rate and breathing rate in humans b. Explain how at least three organ systems are affected by this increased physical activity and discuss interactions among t

Physiological Changes

The human body manifests physiological changes in every organ system throughout the process of eating, from the time a person first anticipates food to the elimination of waste. a) design a controlled experiment where you test the hypothesis that the body's reaction to eating begins before food enters the body. b) descri

Animal Kingdom

Describe adaptations for life on land in the animal kingdom.

What must I do to live forever? What Changes? Christian perspective.

Introduction We know the features of our physical lives that determine they will be finite; they will die. Scripture clearly teaches that a small remnant of people with these bodies will be given new ones that cannot die. Perhaps you have imagined that these future bodies will be so "bionic" as to be unrecognizably amazing in

Propose a possible mechanism for growth hormone signaling.

Human growth hormone binds to a cell surface membrane protein that is not a receptor tyrosine kinase. The intracellular domain of the receptor can bind other proteins inside the cell. Furthermore, studies indicate that the receptor is monomeric in the absence of hormone but dimerizes on hormone binding. Propose a possible me

Categorizing groups of organisms

I have already categorized the following "Groups of Organisms," except for DOLPHINS. Where would it be placed in the problem below? bats monkeys Euglena lemurs sponges amphibians dolphins Ginkgo biloba jellyfish reptiles birds beavers echinoderms tarsiers photosynthetic bacteria a) production of mi

Function of the kidneys in blood pressure control

Evaluation: Blood Pressure Control Sometimes during traumatic injury, the kidneys must take action to regulate blood pressure in order for the individual to survive. When would this action necessary? Explain in detail how the kidneys regulate blood pressure. Some people have high blood pressure. How do the drugs (cal

Classification of Animals in general and humans in particular

Listed below are several characteristics that are used to classify animals in general and humans in particular: a) production of milk for the young (reproductive, physiological) b) high cognitive ability, to reason, to fashion tools (neurological) c) inability to generate carbohydrates by means of photosynthesis (metabolic)


You work in an orthopedic physician's office as a medical assistant and are responsible for filling out insurance forms and following through on denials. You have become friendly with an insurance company representative in the office of an insurance company with whom you regularly submit claims. You are finding that many of th

This job reacts to human evolution.

This job considers the following statements about human evolution. Which are well supported by scientific evidence and which are misconceptions? a. Humans evolved from apes. b. Human evolutionary history is more like a multibranched bush rather than a single unbranched ladder, our species being the tip of one human branch th

Describe the relative shape of three fatty acids.

Since you forgot to label the fatty acid and the only experimental apparatus you have is a freezer how could you tell which one is which, explain? You have three fatty acid in your kitchen but you forgot to label them. They are all the same length (they all have 20 carbons each)One is a saturated fatty acid, the other two yo

LDH: Lactose Dehydrogenase

1. Please explain the data attached and why the percentages in each are as so. 2. Which sample has the highest and lowest amount of polypeptide chain H? Explain

Single invertebrate and description of homeostasis

Choose a single invertebrate and describe how is carries out its homeostasis with respect to water and salt balance. Provide a detailed drawing or image (reference source) to illustrate your answer. please include diagrams or pictures may be right from the web. Please look at the attached diagram, assuming that is along the

Synthetic and complex media; methods to grow anaerobes

1. Which of the four media below are synthetic medium and which are complex media? 2. Which of the four media below are used to grow autotrophs? Which media are used to grow fastidious microbes? 3. Define nonfastidous? 4. List all the methods that can be used to grow anaerobes? See attached file for full proble

Biology: Homeostatic Control

1. What is the human internal pond? 2. Define homeostasis. 3. Define physiology. 4. Explain from a holistic viewpoint how all homeostatic control is carried out within animals. 5. Explain the concept of negative feedback when it is applied to homeostatic control. 6. Provide a detailed example of the homeostatic process


If testosterone were given in place of estrogen in a hormone-replacement therapy experiment, what would be the effect?

Overdose of insulin

What would you do to help a friend who had inadvertently taken an overdose of insulin? Why should your solution be beneficial?


Can you describe the factors that affect growth and their relevance when considering the repair of damage to musculo-skeletal systems?


Figure 1 shows several audiograms (otherwise known as auditory threshold curves). This is a method of describing the sensitivity of the ear to different sounds. The pitch or frequency of sound is measured in units called Hertz (Hz). A pure tone of any given pitch can be generated at different levels of loudness. Loudness describ


Professional sport competitions are highly competitive. Athletes sometimes search for advanced technology and medicine for performance enhancing solutions. The protein, creatine, is a highly controversial supplement available to athletes wanting to increase performance. Creatine is a natural substance produced in the body. It