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    Human Biology

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    genotypes of the parent plants

    In pea plants, the allele for purple flowers (P) is dominant to the allele (p) for white flowers. In a cross between a purple-flowered plant and a white-flowered plant, all 73 of the offspring plants had purple flowers. What are the most likely genotypes of the parent plants?

    Life Span Development

    There are five theoretical approaches to human development: psychoanalytic, cognitive, behavioral and social cognitive, ethological, and ecological. Which of these life-span theories do you think best explains development? What is it about this theory that caused you to choose it?

    Metabolize lactose and sucrose

    If all four bacteria were able to metabolize glucose, explain why all four were not able to metabolize lactose and sucrose. The four are E. coli, Enterobacter aerogenes, Salmonella typhi, and Proteus vulgaris.

    Homeostasis and equilibrium in organisms

    There are two kinds of feedback loops that maintain homeostasis and equilibrium in an organism. What are they? Explain your answer, and provide an example of each.


    Some countries have banned genetically modified organisms (GMOs). How do you feel about these GMOs? Should they be banned? Why or why not? Examples of GMOs are bacteria that produce incredibly pure human insulin, rice that contains beta carotene that helps prevent blindness in third world countries, red carrots, and glow in t

    G-C content

    The G-C content of Micrococcus is 66-75 moles %, and of Staphylococcus, 30-40 moles %. According to this information, would you conclude that these two genera are closely related? Explain your answer.

    Geological dangers

    I have done question 2 so no need to do over.Problem:For this project, you will use the United States Geological Survey (USGS) tools to help determine if you are in danger, based upon where you live. Visit the USGS interactive map: http://gldims.cr.usgs ...there is moreshow problemFor this project, you will use the United States

    Critical thinking

    How do communication skills and critical thinking skills contribute to effectively working with a diverse group of people?

    Immune system connections

    How does the immune system interact with the digestive system, and how do they support each other? thanks.

    Blood Cells

    Please see Problems Attached :) KeyWords: erythrocytes, lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, erythrocyte, lymphocyte, monocyte, neutrophil, blood, cell, cells, sickle, sickled, fragments, white, blood, oxygen, nucleus, liquid, plasma, hemoglobin, phagocyte, phagocytes, clotting, antibodies

    Reactions and Fractures

    Hello I am having a few issues figuring out this. Please assist. 1.) Hello can someone help me figure out what type of reaction A is? (See attachment.) 2.) In addition, what does reaction B tell you about the type of molecule H2CO3 is? 3.) Lastly, In 1864, Lister observed that patients recovered completely from simple

    Connective Tissues and Homeostatic Imbalance

    Can someone assist with descriptive explanations? 1. Describe the different types of connective tissue found in the human body using the appropriate anatomical terminology. Include in your description the structure, location in the body, and function of each type. 2. Choose one of the specific types of connective tissue to

    Biology Experiment

    I need help in choosing something for this project, creating the hypothesis and the proposal. Choose a substrate (material for microbial growth) and determine how many samples of this material you will need. Keep in mind that some materials smell REALLY BAD when they decay. Choose something you can stand for 5 weeks. Creat

    Reasons for reestablishing wolves in Yellowstone Park are listed.

    By 1935, hunting and trapping had eliminated wolves from the continental United States. Since their protection as an endangered species, wolves have moved south from Canada and have become reestablished in the Rocky Mountains and northern Great Lakes region. Conservationist who would like to speed up the process have reintroduce

    Science question about the mark-recapture method

    We estimate the size of a population of small mice in a particular filed by the mark-recapture method. Our estimate is 350. Later we learned from experiments on the behavior of these mice that they can locate a baited trap faster if they have already been rewarded with food by visiting that trap once before. Does this mean that

    Post Zygotic barriers are briefly discussed.

    What of the following is an example of a post-zygotic reproedutive barrier? a. one lilac species lives on acid soil, another on basic soil b. mallard and pintail ducts mate at different times of the year c. two specieis of leopard frogs have different mating cells d. hybrid offspring of two species of jimonweed always die

    Radioactive Isotopes for Oxygen Gas

    How might you use a radioactive isotope to find out whether the oxygen in CO2 comes from sugar or oxygen gas? Animals obtain energy through a series of chemical reactions in which sugar (C6H12O6) and oxygen gas (O2) are reactants. This process produces water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) as waste products. How might you use

    Burning Calories through Exercise

    How far would you have to run, swim, or walk to burn the equivalent of 1 pound of fat? For how much time would you have to do each activity? Gaining and losing weight are matters of caloric accounting: Calories in the food you eat minus Calories that you spend in activity. One pound of human body fat contains approximately 3,

    Neuroplasticity causing paralysis

    I was in a traffic accident one month ago and sustained a closed head injury with some paralysis in my left leg. I was hospitalized for a week and discharged on a regimen of physical therapy. Returning to my physician for a post-hospitalization check-up, my paralysis improved roughly by 50 percent. How likely is it that I will i

    Endemic species

    What is an endemic species, and what is their relationship to biodiversity hot spots? Name one such "hotspot" and discuss its importance.

    Greenhouse effect factors

    List several factors contributing to the greenhouse effect. What can we, as citizens, do to reverse the trend? What are some of the dangers of not doing anything?

    Dispersion Patterns

    List one advantage and one disadvantage for each of the following dispersion patterns: clumped, random, and uniform. Indicate which type of dispersion pattern each of the following illustrates: A. In the spring, every fence post in rural Iowa has a redwing blackbird sitting on it defending its territory. B. Field of rows