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    Analyzing Food: The Nutritional Components of Grapefruit

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    Details: Our bodies break down food through the digestive process. Let's investigate the chemical composition of the foods we eat. The USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory has posted a resource through which we can investigate the chemical composition of foods.

    Go to the USDA Lab Link at USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory. http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/


    Type in a keyword, then select a food group using the drop down arrow, then click submit. This pulls up a menu with lots of choices. Choose one food choice, then click submit. Next choose a portion size, then click submit This will bring up the nutritional information.


    Keyword: Apple
    Select Food Group: Fruits and Fruit Juice
    Apples, raw, with skin.
    One medium

    Assignment Details:

    Analyze the nutritional components of the food you select and in your own words, answer the following questions using the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory website. http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/

    What was the food and portion size you chose?
    Describe its composition in terms of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.
    How many calories are in your food item? (Found in the Database as Energy - kcal)
    List some of the most common vitamins and minerals in this food item.
    Are there other important nutritional components of this food item? If so, list these. If not, say so.
    How much of your food item is water? Provide one reason why water is important for life.

    State the highest category of biological molecule in your food - Carbohydrates, Lipids, or Proteins. Describe the structure of
    this type of molecule, and its primary function(s).

    After identifying the nutritional components discuss WHY you would or would not recommend this food item as part of a
    healthy diet. Use references and guidelines such as the Food Pyramid and Recommended Daily Allowances to support your recommendations. Here is a link to the USDA interactive Food Pyramid resource, http://www.mypyramid.gov/ to help you analyze nutritional needs.

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    I went to the link you provided and followed the steps of the assignment. The example given was an apple, so I wanted to choose something different. I chose a grapefruit.

    (1) What was the food and portion size you chose?

    Food: Grapefruit, raw, pink and red, all areas.
    Portion size: half of a grapefruit (0.5 fruit (3-3/4" diameter); 123 grams).

    (2) Describe its composition in terms of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.

    Carbohydrates: 13.11 g (8.47 g total sugars)
    Lipids: 0.17 g
    Proteins: 0.95 g

    The grapefruit is mostly water (108.31 g) and carbohydrates.

    (3) How many calories are in your food item? (Found in ...

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