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    The Chemistry of Food Composition

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    Find the nutritional values/info in food from USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory?

    Select a food. Use the USDA website to analyze the nutritional components and composition in terms of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins (including molecular structure). Assess calories, vitamins and minerals. Is this food recommended?

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    Our bodies break down food through the digestive process. Let's investigate the chemical composition of the foods we eat. The USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory has posted a resource through which we can investigate the chemical composition of foods. Go to the USDA Lab Link at USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory. http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/


    1.Type in a keyword, then select a food group using the drop down arrow, then click submit.
    2.This pulls up a menu with lots of choices.
    3.Choose one food choice, then click submit
    4.Next choose a portion size, then click submit
    5.This will bring up the nutritional information.


    Keyword: Apple
    Select Food Group: Fruits and Fruit Juice
    Apples, raw, with skin.
    One medium
    Assignment Details:

    A.Analyze the nutritional components of the food you select and in your own words and answer the following questions using the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory ...

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    Understanding the chemistry of food and how it is broken down is explained.