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Experimental design

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I need help in choosing something for this project, creating the hypothesis and the proposal.

Choose a substrate (material for microbial growth) and determine how many samples of this material you will need. Keep in mind that some materials smell REALLY BAD when they decay. Choose something you can stand for 5 weeks.

Create a hypothesis to describe how microbial growth will be affected by your variable. State what your hypothesis predicts.

Write a proposal for your experiment including a research question, hypothesis, predictions, materials to be used, methods of setup and observation, data collection and analysis of results.

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Microbes (bacteria, fungi, mold etc.) grow on any number of organic materials. Potential substrates include bread, cheese, apple pieces, orange peel etc. Variables affecting microbial growth could include temperature, gas availability, moisture, presence of anti-microbial agents (such as anti-fungal agents or antibiotics) etc.

Proposed experiment:
Examine the impact of temperature range on microbial growth and diversity.

Substrate: piece of bread

Variable: ...

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Detailed answer describing the design of a scientific experiment identifying the research question, hypothesis, predictions, materials needed, method of set up and observation, data collection and analysis of results.

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