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    Neuroplasticity causing paralysis

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    I was in a traffic accident one month ago and sustained a closed head injury with some paralysis in my left leg. I was hospitalized for a week and discharged on a regimen of physical therapy. Returning to my physician for a post-hospitalization check-up, my paralysis improved roughly by 50 percent. How likely is it that I will improve further with physical therapy.

    What would my physician say?

    To what degree is my full recovery possible?

    Will my symptoms recede or enhance?

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    Neuroplasticity refers to the changes that occur in brain structure as a result of experience. It is commonly misassumed that the adult brain is hard-wired and is not subject to neuronal change, although it is true that the younger you are, the better chances exist for full recovery from injury. In the adult brain, evidence exists for both rewiring of neuronal circuits and neurogenesis (selective for hippocampus and olfactory bulb). Evidence also ...

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    Neuroplasticity for a traffic accident cause paralysis is determined.