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    Does neuroplasticity help clients seeking counseling?

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    Successful interviewing and counselling help clients develop new and useful connections (Ivey, Ivey & Zalaquett, 2010 )

    What are your thoughts on neuroplasticity and counselling?

    What are your thoughts on the discussion of the impact of neuroscience on psychotherapy and its implications for the interview?

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    Neuroplasticity can be defined as the reorganization of brain circuits. A good example of this is using your non dominant hand to write with, at first it is a little awkward however as an individual uses their non dominant hand more, the circuits in the person's brain are re-organizing and will eventually become permanent. Learning a different language, learning how to ride a bike or just about anything an individual learns that is a new experience to them are all examples of neuroplasticity at work. According to Dr. Merzenich (2011) although the human brain is capable of growing new neurons if one does not continue to learn new ways of ...

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    This solution is comprised of over 350 words with references on the field of neuroplasticity and counseling. Includes a definition of neuroplasticity and examples of individuals who have received neuroplasticity counseling.