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Christianity and Psychology

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Can you please clarify rationale for agreeing or disagreeing with psychology is just sinful human beings sinfully thinking about sinful human beings?

Can psychology and Christian counseling really be integrated? If yes, how, if no, why not?

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I would disagree. While the objective of psychology is to help people with issues and problems, not all the problems are sinful and certainly not all the people. Many people might have issues that are considered "sinful" but psychologists deal with societal issues as much as personal issues.
People who study and work in psychology are more likely to be interested in the changes that occur in people and their perspectives, dependent on their life experiences. They spend a lot of time listening to clients who are pursuing understanding of their actions, perspectives, and ...

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The solution provides a discussion on the topic of Christian counseling and the agreement/disagreement between psychology as a science and Christian principles.

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