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    Blood Types - ABO and RH Incompatibilities

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    Compare blood types and the basis for ABO and Rh incompatibilities.

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    Blood types (sometimes call groups) are classifications of blood based on the presences or absence of various antigens on the surface of red blood cells (rbc). These antigens can be proteins, carbohydrates, or other substances. There are 30 blood groups that are commonly recognized. This means a full "blood typing" would characterize a person's blood based on the presences or absence of 30 different antigen geoups. ABO and Rh are the two most important of these blood groups, in respect to incompatibilities.

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    In this solution I describe the two most popular blood typing groups - ABO (i.e. A, B, O) and the RH factor (i.e. + and -) and how they interact to form commonly described blood types, for example A+. I describe the physiological basis of blood types and further explain why different blood types are incompatible, in other words why a person with A+ blood can't receive a transfusion of type B+ blood.