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    Blood types

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    Compare blood types and the basis for ABO and Rh incompatibilites.

    Categorize blood type by its characteristics and function.

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    Blood Group Antigen Present (ABO group) Rh Factor Antibodies Agglutination with antibodies

    antiA antiB antiD(Rh)
    A+ A + B + - +
    B+ B + A - + +
    O+ nil + A, B - - +
    A- A - B, Rh (develops later in life) + - -
    B- B - A, Rh (develops later in life) - + -
    O- nil - A,B, Rh (develops later in life) - - -

    The basis for incompatibilities can be explained by the agglutination reaction with reagents containing specific antibodies. If a certain antigen is present ...

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    This solution provides information in tabulated form regarding basis and categorization of blood types.