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    Positive Psychology

    Parkinson's Disease therapy

    This solution briefly provides an example description of the type of group (e.g., counseling, psychoeducational, support) you might form for an elderly population within your specialization. Include the characteristics of the population you selected. Explain why this type of group might be effective. Finally, describe one challe

    Importance of Antecedents in Operative and Respondent Behavior

    Question 1 Antecedents Why are antecedents important in understanding operant behaviors and controlling respondent behaviors? Question 2 Respondent and Operant Behaviors How do respondent and operant behavior occur together in the case of a student's fear of public speaking? Please provide 500 words for each question

    Humanistic Approaches to Counseling

    Applying Counseling Theories to Group Work Counseling theories influence the decisions leaders make as they plan groups as well as the strategies they use to facilitate throughout the group process. For example, a theory may influence the goals the leader establishes for the group, whether the group is open or closed, how the

    The relationship of extinction to positive reinforcement

    Defining extinction and discussing how it relates to the presence or absence of reinforcement. Provide three examples of how a behavior may reach extinction, either in a controlled setting or the natural environment. This should be 2-4 pages in length, not including title and references pages, and include scholarly supp

    Effective Leadership

    Many individuals experience anxiety when they begin their participation in a group. An effective leader knows what types of behavior and attitudes group members typically display in initial meetings and plans accordingly. One of the group leader's most important tasks is establishing an atmosphere of trust. Other tasks include c

    Couples in Family Psychology

    Evaluates, compares and contrasts therapeutic approaches that are used in couples psychotherapy.Evaluates, compares and contrasts, with remarkable thoroughness, the therapeutic approaches that are used in couples psychotherapy. I need help in expanding each therapy treatment with the following criteria. I don't need the atta

    Correlational Study..

    Design your own correlational study. That is, think of two variables you'd like to see if a relationship exists between. What are your variables and how would you go about testing your hypothesis?

    Couples in Family Psychology

    Discuss the selected psychological theories in terms of explaining the psychological underpinnings of each theory. Trace the evolution of each theory, relating briefly the phases, if any, each theory has undergone over time. Critical analysis: Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses or benefits and liabilities of uti

    Integrative Approaches to Couple Therapy

    The initial intake with a couple or an individual typically includes various topic areas, including family history, substance use history, and so on. Identify three other topic areas or specific questions you would want to ask as a part of your initial interview with a couple using the integrative approach. Provide a rationale f

    Relational Bonds

    Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of an approach for treating couples who are struggling with an extramarital affair or other specific issues in couples therapy, physical aggression, et cetera. In your discussion, identify the crisis and then discuss each stage in the therapeutic intervention for that specific issue. Be sure

    Counseling Couples After Infidelity

    2 therapeutic interventions Behavioral and Psychodynamic (transgenerational) approaches were selected to develop a therapeutic intervention plan for Robert and Sophia scenario. Critically review a total of 12-15 articles related to the two therapeutic approaches you selected. Robert and Sophia are in their early 30's and have

    Ethical issues in psychotherapy

    What are the most common ethical issues and/or dilemmas are part of your anticipated (or current) profession, e.g., health, education, law, business, etc.?

    Bioethics and Personhood

    Francis Beckwith writes, "After all, if human persons ought not to be either subjects of research or killed without justification, and if the fetus from conception is a human person, then embryo experimentation, abortion, and cloning are prima facie morally wrong."("Abortion, Bioethics, and Personhood" http://cbhd.org/content/ab

    Forced Moral Choice - the Trolley Allegory

    Review "The Trolley Allegory" video: http://cola.gcumedia.com/phi103/Allegorys/phi103ccGUI.swf What would you do if you were the trolley driver? Is the driver required, permitted, or forbidden from turning the trolley onto the other track? Why?

    Ethical Principle for New Society

    In 2014 a reality television show premiered that was based on a social experiment trying to create a new society from scratch. What non-negotiable ethical principles would you propose for this new society?

    Introversion and Extraversion

    Explain why the trait of introversion-extraversion keeps surfacing in some of these theories (first seen in Jung's theory, then in the Big Five theory, and now in Eysenck's theory).

    How To Properly Implement Autosuggestion

    This posting will address how to properly use autosuggestion in one's daily life. For example, one should take into account the kind of state the person should be in, when and how often autosuggestions should be implemented, the type of wording one should use, and so on.

    Public figures analysis

    Choose two public figures whose character and personality appear to be in conflict. Explain what you perceive to be their character and personality and how that perception is in conflict.

    Life Designing

    Savickas (2012) is a formative voice, validating career counseling's contributions over time as well as forecasting the future of the field. Take a look at the most current postmodern approach called Life Design. Comment on how this diverges from previous theories and the competencies counselors need to work with clients to expl

    Lifespan theory

    Synthesize your understanding and then justify career counseling across the lifespan. Identify the influence that career counseling can have when working with children, adolescents, and adults. How does the developmental lifespan perspective influence career and educational planning, placement, and evaluation? How did Frank Pars

    Personality: Traits, Genes, Inherited, or Determined?

    Psychologists have often asked themselves, which is the main factor that determines personality: is personality genetically inherited or developed gradually through experience in the social environment? This is a central question in the study of personality. In this assignment, you will argue whether it is genetic factors, envir

    Internet-Based Psychological Interventions Overview

    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task of discussing Internet-Based Psychological Interventions, identifying the most effective use of the current telepsychology technology as well as discussing ethical issues related to it's practice. Resources are listed for further exploration of the top

    Career concerns: military personnel and their families

    Research three articles on career issues of military personnel and their families. Some of these issues will be consistent with any career client. However, they may also include "stacking" of multiple issues: identifying career options after the military combined with depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, disabilities, and

    Career Diamond guidance notes

    After reading P. Andersen's explanation of the Career Diamond, answer the following: Using the Career Diamond as a point of reference, examine and describe your own professional limitations as they relate to the career development process. How will you address and overcome these obstacles? Discuss gender stereotyping and h

    SPSS Data Set Analysis

    Details: This problem set introduces you to an SPSS data set. You will perform some initial data screening activities and report your output. Directions: Perform the following tasks : 1 Conduct necessary analyses using SPSS so you can answer the questions listed in the exercise. 2 Submit your responses to the exercise que

    Missing Data

    Creating a report can be tedious if individual pieces of information cannot be located. Suppose you want to report all of your charitable donations for a year. You know that you donate some amount of money every month, but you cannot find your records for August. How might you handle this missing data so you could come up with a