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    Positive Psychology

    Procedures for Data Screening

    Address the following items: How does data screening differ from data cleaning? What part of data screening checks for the actual number of responses you have for each variable? How is data screening related to the assumptions of the statistic you will choose to analyze your data? Why are descriptive statisti

    STIPS Case Note

    Can you provide a case note about a client session? Use the STIPS (Signs and Symptoms, Topics of Discussion, Interventions, Progress and Plan, and Special Issues) format. Maintain confidentiality by altering all names or specific identifying information. Please use theoretical, empirical, or professional literature to support

    Workplace Stress and Violence

    Reports of violence in the workplace and stress-related injury or illness have become nearly commonplace in recent years. In this assignment, not only you will analyze factors that contribute to stress and violence in the workplace, but you will also analyze the legal and ethical obligations of employers to mitigate stress and v

    Clinical Hypnosis in Psychotherapy

    I don't know what category to put this question because there is not a category for psychotherapy but since the text for this course is aligned with positive psychology I thought I would ask it here. In clinical hypnosis, it is common to experience intrusions (disruptions like traffic, etc.). List two direct and two indirect

    Psyschologists as Social Change Agents

    Please help me describe in detail the position of the role of psychologists as social change agents. In this discussion, include ethical considerations towards this supported position. Please use scholarly research to support points made.

    Psychological Tests and Applications

    Choose two of the methods of psychological tests and measurements (interviews, surveys, observations, etc.) covered briefly in the following link http://www.simplypsychology.org/research-methods.html (or another resource) and describe a real world situation in which it would be appropriate to use each. Make sure to indicate why

    Legalities of a Job Description

    As a human resources director for a mid-sized company, you have been asked to create and staff a new position in the company. Analyze the legalities of creating this new position and propose ways to mitigate the potential legal issues surrounding the filling of the position. 1. Use the concept map generator to create a basic

    10 Key Strategic Points to Qualitative research

    1. In the prospectus, proposal and dissertation there are ten key strategic points that need to be clear, simple, correct, and aligned to ensure the research is doable, valuable, and credible. The 10 key strategic points emerge from researching literature on a topic which is based on or aligned with the learner's personal passio

    Relevant Psychology Theories

    • Demonstrate an understanding of relevant psychology theories • What are examples to support major points for the theories • Explain which theories are commonly used among psychology research • Explain which theories are less utilized among psychology research • What are the differences between the common and les

    The Diverse Nature of Psychology

    Diverse nature of Psychology - Evaluate the influence of diversity on psychology's major concepts - What are two examples of subdisciplines and two examples of subtopics within psychology. Examples of major concepts and their subtopics include the following: ◦Motivation: theory of emotion, and approach a

    Initial Interview Summary

    If you were to have conducted an initial interview with a client, couple, or family. Can you reflect on the interview process? Identify three responses or behaviors on your part that seemed very in tune with the client or family you observed. Give your rationale for these three choices. Identify two responses or behaviors

    Building Rapport in Interviews

    Consider the following questions in an initial counselling session: What skills did the practitioner use to develop rapport? Describe the behaviors of the interviewer that established or did not establish rapport. In what ways did you the practitioner establishing trust? Describe two attending skills or techniques you wer

    Specializations and Professional Associations

    Choosing the right specialization is an important first step in pursuit of your advanced degree; memberships in professional associations can help to establish connections with other scholar-practitioners. To prepare for this assignment: Review the Web sites that relate to your particular specialization. Review the Web si

    Qualitative research method and organizational change

    In what ways would qualitative methods comprehend the importance of the collected information as it relates to change in an organization? How would variables such as behaviors and attitudes play an overall role? .

    Psychologists and Christian Beliefs

    A psychologist who is a Christian is conducting research. The conclusions of the research seem to run contrary to the psychologist's Christian beliefs. What is the most ethical action for this psychologist and why?

    The Nuremburg Defense

    Over time, a society's perception of human rights changes. These changes have often been the result of negative events that motivated society to adapt its values in an attempt to avoid the occurrence of similar incidents. In this paper, a current ethical issue that resulted from repeated negative events will be explored in terms

    Ethical Psychology in Modern Society

    Modern society often espouses a complete differentiation between the professional and personal segments of an individual's life. Is there an ethical separation between the personal and professional activities of the psychologist? Why or why not? What activities of the psychologist are affected by the APA Ethics Code?

    Standards in Research: APA Ethics Code

    What was the central purpose for developing the first APA Ethics Code? Was that purpose accomplished? Why or why not? Why were revisions to the code deemed necessary in 2002? How did those revisions affect the ethical principles of the code?

    From Individual Coaching to Organizational Consulting

    Individual coaching, group coaching, and organizational consulting are distinct, though interrelated, activities. Techniques that are successful in one activity may not be plausible or profitable in another. For this assignment, you will write a paper that examines how psychologists adapt roles and strategies as they move from i

    Psychological Testing: Assumptions and Fundamental Questions

    What are the major assumptions and fundamental questions associated with psychological testing? What is the term test? What are the major categories of tests and the major uses and users of these tests? Compare and contrast the concepts of reliability and validity and how they affect the field of psychological testing.

    Competencies to Emotional Intelligence

    According to the originators of emotional intelligence (Mayer & Salovey, 1997), there are four competencies that encompass this important skill: (1) the ability to perceive, appraise, and express emotion accurately; (2) the ability to access and generate feelings when they facilitate cognition; (3) the ability to understand affe

    Ethical and Legal Examination of Henrietta Lacks' Case

    In regards to the Henrietta Lacks Case •Describe the demographics of Henrietta Lacks. •Provide a summary of the researcher's actions. •What ethical principles in this research are violated? •What diversity implications are involved?

    Significance of Group Counseling

    Provide your perspective on the significance of group counseling. Explain how group members might benefit from their participation in group work. Explain why group work is emphasized in professional counseling literature.

    Therapy for a Post-Heart Attack Depressed Client

    I will be doing role play as a Psychologist..... Therapist with a female heart attack patient who has become depressed. Any advise and direction as to what to say or not will be greatly appreciated.

    The utilization of leadership, influence, and power

    Title:Leadership, Influence, and Power Early examinations of leadership defined it as a person with position authority telling others what to do and how to do it. As leadership research continued, the definition expanded to include other aspects of leadership behavior. Use the following information to ensure successful compl