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Clinical Hypnosis in Psychotherapy

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I don't know what category to put this question because there is not a category for psychotherapy but since the text for this course is aligned with positive psychology I thought I would ask it here.

In clinical hypnosis, it is common to experience intrusions (disruptions like traffic, etc.). List two direct and two indirect suggestions for three intrusions that will allow it to be used positively in the session.

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It's my pleasure to provide my thoughts about intrusions. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I must mention that intrusions do occur in the state of trance. My goal is to give you a workable understanding about common occurrences and help you distinguish between the two types of suggestions. The examples below are intended for you to further your knowledge about the topic.

The hypnotist will attempt to prevent unnecessary distractions by asking the client to shut off their phone, ...

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Intrusions or disruptions may arise during the state of hypnosis. This posting distinguishes between direct vs indirect suggestions. The hypnotist is encouraged to utilize these techniques when confronted with external disturbances.