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    The effects of positive and negative punishments

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    Provide an example where a problem behavior was decreased by the contingent application of an aversive activity or positive punishment procedure. Now, replace the positive punishment with a negative punishment procedure and compare and contrast the two procedures identified. Which would yield the most likely success, and why?

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    A very good example where a problem behavior was decreased by the contingent application of a positive punishment procedure, was a situation that I experienced while working as a correctional officer in a high-security prison unit. The behavior that was occurring was a great deal of verbal assaults by a particular inmate within the unit, which was dangerous due to the fact that derogatory name-calling and racial slurs between inmates could quickly escalate into a very dangerous and violent situation. This inmate would engage in this activity against any inmate that didn't do exactly as the inmate wanted them to, as well as against any correctional officer that tried to enforce the rules that this inmate was in disagreement with. The positive punishment that was utilized against this inmate was administered in a series of escalating steps. Therefore, the first component of the positive punishment that was administered to this inmate was a verbal ...

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    This solution compares and contrasts the effects of positive and negative punishments.