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    Parkinson's Disease therapy

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    This solution briefly provides an example description of the type of group (e.g., counseling, psychoeducational, support) you might form for an elderly population within your specialization. Include the characteristics of the population you selected. Explain why this type of group might be effective. Finally, describe one challenge you might encounter when working with this group and one strategy you might use to address it.

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    When offering a brief description of the type of group to form for an elderly population within one's specialization, I would like to formulate group therapy sessions for clients who suffer from Parkinson's Disease. Because the disease severely impacts physical, emotional, psychological, and social domains within patients, the supportive setting of a group can offer major benefits to participants.

    Thus, one possible research-based strategy to address it might be the integration of music therapy within these sessions. Giving them lyrics to patriotic songs and songs from their younger eras, maybe even ...

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    400 words present a brief validation of using group therapy with PD patients. No references are cited specifically.