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    Comparing Theories of Counseling

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    Compare and contrast two different theoretical orientations in regards to their strengths and weaknesses towards the type of counseling you may want to do.

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    To compare and contrast theoretical orientation, one must be familiar with the orientations.

    Psychodynamic counseling has emerged from the psychoanalytic orientation, and it is based upon helping clients to discover and overcome negative influences from the past. The counselor's role is to help the client know why they are the way they are. It's strength is getting to the developmental root of problems. Its weakness is in the length of time it takes to complete therapy.

    Humanistic counseling is based in helping people to know themselves more deeply. The counselor's role is to accept the ...

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    This article briefly describes the basic theoretical orientations of counseling and psychotherapy, and identifies strengths and weaknesses of each orientation. The components of theories are described to provide a basis for comparing and contrasting theories.