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    Letter Writing

    Writing a Letter to a Contractor

    Can you please correct the sentences and please re-write the whole sentences the best you can. Please email it as soon as possible. Here is the information: 1) Contractor required to provide the proposal as per stated in the document. requirement. If not contractor proposal will be rejected. 2) Contractor required to fi

    Letter Correcting and Writing

    Hi, I need to correct the example letter which I posted below. I am having trouble making sense of the letter currently. I need to make all corrections and re-writ the letter. Letter: Jack got all the technical information he wanted for XYZ project. He provided comparison data for A supplier & B supplier and recommended we

    Letter for Businesses

    Writing a letter directly to Maya Angelou from your own personal point of view. You can construct the letter using first person point of view, and you can draw from your own experiences, or the experiences of those around you, to show that you agree or disagree with one of Angelou's statements. Be sure to include a proper inf

    Writing a Persuasive Letter

    You are an occupational health specialist hired as a consultant in a small factory that processes cotton to make t-shirts. Workers in this facility receive the raw cotton and get it processed. Workers have had health problems including many respiratory problems. The manager of the plant seems careless and unresponsive to wor

    Correcting a Passage Into Proper Letter Format

    Hi, I need help correcting the following passage and rewriting it in a proper English and correct letter format. Passage: My name is TN. I have completed an application for the NCBTMB before and was approved for the test. However, the test date has been expired. I believe that NCBTMB already has my supporting documments fro

    Sample Interview Follow-Up Letter

    I just finished a job interview and would like to write a follow-up letter to the organization. I am very interested in the position and hope that a polite inquiry will both demonstrate this interest and prompt the employer to respond. Can you provide me with a sample interview follow-up letter?

    Rules of Etiquette in Writing

    The author of this piece of writing presents a fun, but tasteful, suggestion for helping readers learn how to master the rules of etiquette in writing; some comical, and others very serious. Read on and enjoy pure fun.

    Letter Writing

    1) Identify the individuals in the U.S. legislature and senate. 2) Write a letter addressed to an elected officials discussing my concerns on the spread of AIDS/HIV viruses. My concerns are: a) How to introduction of myself to the elected officials in a professional manner b) How to present the concise overview of

    Persuasive Essay Help

    Please help me with some ideas on how to write my essay. I have included the full details below. Persuasive Essay: Responding to a Very Specific Situation Imagine that you have been invited to speak to an assembly, athletic team meeting or other group at your former high school. You are talking about your career and what

    Salary Negotiation Letter

    How can you negotiate your salalry and other items of a job offer package professionally? How can you negotiate it in a way that would more likely bring you the changes you are after in the offer? How can you support your requested modifications?

    Business Letter Organization

    You are asked to write a business letter to achieve a certain purpose. THE ASSIGNMENT You are employed as a senior technician by Bartlett Electronics, 20265 East 65th Street, New York, New York 10105. You are asked to determine if Marken Industries makes an oscilloscope probe having a 10-to-1 attenuator in it with an input i

    Business Letter: Example Problem

    I need to write a business letter to Microsoft requesting permission to use screen shots of its product in a user manual. I am looking for suggestions on how to communicate what it is I would like.

    Writing a "negative" letter is modeled.

    Think of a time when you had to write a negative letter OR when you received one. Do NOT choose an example of a negative letter with legal implications, such as terminating employment or threatening disciplinary action. What made the letter effective? Do you believe there are ways to soften the blow and maintain goodwill a

    A letter to the editor on a contemporary issue

    1. Write a "letter to the editor" on contemporary topic of your choice. In order to write the letter, you will need to research the issue thoroughly. Letters to the editor are generally 200 words or less. Please keep yours under 300. Below is a sample letter to the editor published recently in the Seattle Times. October 5, 2

    Writing a Company Letter to Customers

    You own and run a transportation company in Alberta. You have been selected as the preferred supplier for several large businesses; however, because of the increase in gas prices, you will no longer be able to provide your service at the rate you established six months ago without going bankrupt. It is now necessary to raise y

    A thank you letter

    A sample letter thanking a boss for recommending you as one of the few employees that will work and test a new software or system at your job before the rest of the department has access to it is listed.

    Informative letter & a persuasive letter

    I need some help with writing the following 2 letters: 1- write a informative message that tells a coworker how to enroll at the college I attend.. 2- write a persuasive message to my landlord explaining why my rent should not be raised.. It is important that "you attitude" be incorporated in these letters... can someo

    Sample Conference Letter

    This posting models a letter to welcome guests to a conference. Because English is a second language for most participants, the letter uses plain English.

    Letter to boss

    This posting gives a solution to a scenario in terms of a sample letter to boss.

    How to write a reinstatement letter and how to explain the rationale of it

    Writing Assignment. I need help! I have just discovered that I have been dismissed from the graduate work due to a low GPA of 2.90. I need at least a 3.0 to continue with the program. I need a sample copy of a reinstatement and rationale letter to help me write my own letter. Do you have any suggestions? I was dismissed d