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Writing an Effective Business Letter

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Can you tell me the main steps when writing an effective business letter?

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This solution explains the main steps when writing an effective business letter, including the technical layout and the different styles.

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Writing an effective business letter has specific steps. In this brief overview we will examine the five main steps in creating an effective business letter, the technical layout and three different styles of business letters. With this knowledge you can quickly write business letters accurately.

I. Preliminary Stage

The main steps:

· Identify your aims
· Establish the facts
· Know the recipient of the letter
· Create sample Copy
· Decide on Physical layout of letter.

1. Identify your Aims:

Clearly establish what you want to achieve from the letter- whether it is to win back a dissatisfied customer or to reprimand an employee. Whatever the aim, create your letter from these goals.

2. Establish the facts:

Make sure you have the relevant accurate facts available. For a late payer, this might include relevant invoices, complaint forms, talks with your sales department and any previous correspondence from the customer.

3. Know the recipient of the letter:

Write in the language of your recipient. Try to put yourself in the position of the recipient. Read it from his point of view. Is the letter clear or open to misinterpretation.

If you know the recipient, use this knowledge to phrase the letter to generate your desired response.

4.Create a sample Copy:

Having established your aims, amassed the relevant facts with a conscious view of the ...

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