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Letter Correcting and Writing

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Hi, I need to correct the example letter which I posted below. I am having trouble making sense of the letter currently. I need to make all corrections and re-writ the letter.

Jack got all the technical information he wanted for XYZ project. He provided comparison data for A supplier & B supplier and recommended we pick A supplier. Please check the below reason as to why Jack wants to choose A supplier. If we choose to go with A Supplier, the latter will request to review our contract terms. However, in order to meet the project & schedule we require that a contract be set in place. Also I have attached contract requirements for B Supplier. If in case we do not meet A Supplier Contract terms than we can go for B Supplier...

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To Whom It May Concern:

Our project manager collected the technical data we needed for XYZ project. After comparing our A Supplier to our B Supplier, the project manager recommended the A ...

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Two examples that allow the student to compare a badly written and formatted letter to a rewrite. All good writing comes from re-writing. This holds true for letters, personal and business so as not to create confusion in the reader's mind.

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