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Writing a Persuasive Letter

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You are an occupational health specialist hired as a consultant in a small factory that processes cotton to make t-shirts. Workers in this facility receive the raw cotton and get it processed. Workers have had health problems including many respiratory problems. The manager of the plant seems careless and unresponsive to worker's complaints. In 2-3 pages, write a letter to the manager to persuade him/her to protecting workers health. In this letter, do the following:

1) Describe the health hazards associated with workers inhaling cotton dust in this cotton-processing facility.
2) Describe potential exposures to chemicals that may be used in this factory.

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The expert describes the health hazards associated with workers inhaling cotton dust in the cotton-processing facility. The potential exposure to chemicals that may be used in this factory are determined.

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The important content is below. Now you just have to put it into letter format and add personal touches. This is the information required and important concepts for the paper.

Cotton Dust is generated in the atmosphere through the processing of cotton fibres combined with any naturally occurring material such as leaves, twigs, and inorganic matter that accumulated during cotton harvest and growing periods. Cotton dust is also considered any dust generated during the weaving of fabric into textiles and other manufacturing procedures where new or waste cotton fibres are being processed.

Since this facility processes cotton shirts, the present of cotton dusts are very likely. Cotton dust is omnipresent during any cotton handling or processing. These dusts are released into the air and ...

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