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Grammar & Essay Writing Techniques

99.9% of Proper Grammar is Obsolete

Read: "99.9% of Proper Grammar is Obsolete" by David Wertheimer (from Digital Web Magazine) here: Identify claims made by the author. Pretend you are working for a news station and just reporting what the article says.

Mastering Verb Tense and the Five-Paragraph Essay

My instructor says that I need to work on my verb tense. I'm also having a difficult time with paragraph structure. Can you provide me with an example of what my teacher might be looking for? This response is going to help you combine everything that you should know about grammar upon completion of your first year of college;

Example of an Autobiographical Essay

The author of this piece of writing provides a vivid account of her experience on election day to show readers how to craft a good autobiographical essay. The reading relates to how she felt when visiting another city and closes by tying in information about her aspirations and dreams.

Grammar and Punctuation Errors

1. Walter Adams created all the cartoons for the school magazine. He has been interested in drawing since he was six years old. Walter Adams created all the cartoons for the school magazine; He has been interested in drawing since he was six years old. Walter Adams, who has been interested in drawing since he

essay outline

I need an example of a detailed outline for an essay on illegal immigration. I am not sure how to exactly tackle this one.

Descriptive Essay steps are presented.

Take a moment and tell me how you got where you are today. You need not get too personal, in fact, please don't, but, How did you get to be who you are today in terms of your work skills? What story do you tell when asked about a new job? Notice, those two questions are not the same. What actually happened to a

the four standards that measure a paragraph and essay writing

Please help answer the following questions. 1. What are the two essay development techniques? 2. What are the four standards that measure a paragraph and essay writing? 3. When one part of a paragraph or body does not match with the rest, the result is what? 4. In an essay about a short story or novel, what s

English Questions

Question 1 When you are thinking about audience when considering the writing situation, which of the following questions might you not consider? a. What misconceptions might readers have of my subject or my approach to it? b. What are my readers' expectations for the kind of writing I am doing? c. Who

Short Story and Film Comparison; How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Description: You will write about a short story of your choice. You may select a story from Perrine's Literature or you may select another classical story. Select one of the following options: Option 1: Write an essay in which you compare a short story to the film version or to another form of visual media. You may select an

Essay Styles

Explain why using one type of essay would be more beneficial than another would, depending on the writing situation.

Exemplification essay help

I need some help with this. This lesson, write a well-developed 1-2 page Exemplification essay on one of the following topics: A computer/tech invention that will probably shape this century A business concept that has changed history An unusual study technique Ethical practices in business Sustainable development

Run-ons and other grammar rules

Please help answer the following questions about grammar and essay writing techniques. 1. Explain how you decide when to stop a sentence or add on to a sentence. 2. Identify three (3) rules of grammar that writers should learn in order to help their readers understand their ideas.

Essay - Public v/s Private Schools

Need help with this. I am lost!! In this assignment, you will work to create an informative and dynamic introduction. A dynamic introduction is important to grab your readers' attention, and it also sets a tone for your essay. To write an effective introduction, writers use many different types of patterns of development to

Argument essay help

I wrote about private vs public schools- test scores? However, I need help. The paper should be your original synthesis of ideas in support of your thesis. Explain your reasoning by integrating supporting expert views and evidence (facts, statistics, case studies, etc) from your sources. Sources should be appropriately paraph

Subject/Verb/Prepositional phrase

Please answer the two questions below based on the following sentence: "The next step in the process--making sunglasses chic--was the result of a clever 1960s advertising campaign by the firm of Foster Grant." 1. Identify the subject, verb, and prepositional phase, and how does the subject and verb appeal to you? 2. H

Simple Sentences/Subject/Verb/and Prepositional Phrases.

Please use the attached essay to help me identify simple sentences, subject, verb, and prepositional phrases, and answer the following questions. What writing techniques does the writer use? How are topic sentences and supporting sentences used to organize idean in this essay? Identify a topic sentence and a supporting se

Professional Business Writing flaws

Use an search engine on the Internet to find examples of images or Web sites with images of bad grammar used in advertising, company Web sites, or news articles. For example, you can search "bad grammar in advertising" or "bad grammar examples" and â?¢A description of the grammatical errors you found in each of your exampl

Persuasive Essay brainstorming

Persuasive Essay Examine a local, regional, or national current event or political issue that has affected you, your family, or your community recently. For example, you could address either the national or your local government's fiscal and tax policies and explain how they have affected the economy or your own personal situat

Comparison and Contrast Essay

I am looking for help with a comapre and contrast essay. the assignment also requires an outline to be turned in with it. Does anyone have any ideas? The topic is pretty well open to anything.

Activities to improve this learner's area of weakness.

I previously identified some vocabulary errors of a university prep class ESL student. ( as evident in one of the essays, please find this attached along with information on the class/learning profile) Now I decided to find and design materials/activities to help this learner work on one of the areas of

Mike Rose essay help is offered.

In Mike Rose's Essay, "I Just Wanna Be Average," he states, "Students will rise to the mark you set." 1) What exactly does he mean by this statement? Is he saying that if teachers only challenge the students to a certain point they won't rise above that mark? What about students who set their own goals and standards? 2)

Ideas for a contemporary drama comparative essay are generated.

Ideas about the following plays from the contemporary period are found: Endgame, Mother Courage, Hedda Gabler, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Oedipus Rex or Lysistrata. Tony Kushner's Angels in America Sam Shepard's True West August Wilson's Fences

I need help with various grammar questions.

Question 1 A comma should be used ________ and, but, or another coordinating conjunction linking main clauses. a.before b.after c.between d.both before and after Question 2 Choose the correct use of apostrophes in the sentence below. The trucks muffler clearly had several ho