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    Writing a Negative Message

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    As a customer service supervisor for a telephone company, you're in charge of responding to customers' requests for refunds. You've just received an e-mail from a customer who unwittingly ran up a $500. bill for long-distance calls after mistakenly configuring his laptop computer to dial an Internet access number that wasn't a local call. The customer says it wasn't his fault because he didn't realize he was dialing a long-distance number. However, you've dealt with this situation before; you know that the customer's Internet service provider warns its customers to choose a local access number because customers are responsible for all long-distance charges.

    Draft an e-mail reply sympathizing with the customer's plight but preparing him for the bad news (that company policy specifically prohibits refunds in such cases).

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    To: Bob Black
    From: Sasha Reynolds
    Subject Line: Response to your NT & A Correspondence
    Dear Mr. Black:

    I have considered your request carefully in light of your status as a valued customer of NT & A Communications for the last 15 years. I sympathize with ...

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