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    Java Programing: Non-Zero Denominations

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    Write a Java program that displays the non-zero denominations only. Display singular words for single units like 1 dollar and 1 penny, and display plural words for more than one unit like 2 dollars and 3 pennies. (Use 23.67 to test your programs.)

    If the user enters zero or a negative amount, my program should exit properly and display a message stating that the amount entered by the user was zero or negative.

    If input is 0, my output should be:
    My amount is zero.

    If input is -2000.25, my output should be:
    My amount is negative.

    If input is 23.67, my output should be:
    My amount 23.67 consists of
    23 dollars
    2 quarters
    1 dime
    1 nickel
    2 pennies

    The input and output must use JOptionPane dialog and display boxes.

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