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    Need help in programming.

    10. Write a method, removeAll, that takes three parameters: an array of integers, the length of the array, and an integer, say, removeItem. The method should find and delete all occurrences of removeItem in the array. If the value does not exist or the array is empty, output an appropriate message. (Note that after deleting the element, the array size will be reduced.) You may assume that the array is unsorted.

    11. The Programming Example: Calculator is designed to do operations on integers. Write a similar program that can be used to do operations on decimal numbers. (Note: If division by zero occurs with values of the int data type, the program throws a division by zero exception. However, if you divide a decimal number by zero, Java does not throw the division by zero exception; it returns the answer as infinity. However, if division by zero occurs, your calculator program must output the message ERROR: / by zero.)

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