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99.9% of Proper Grammar is Obsolete

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Read: "99.9% of Proper Grammar is Obsolete" by David Wertheimer (from Digital Web Magazine) here:

Identify claims made by the author. Pretend you are working for a news station and just reporting what the article says.

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The article '99.9% of Proper Grammar is Obsolete' by David Wertheimer discusses that, because of the new age of technology (for example text messaging and emails), people are beginning to make changes to their written language and the old and proper way of understanding and articulating written language is slowly becoming obsolete. Much of this has to do with the fast-paced word in which we live in today. People today are always in a hurry and have little time after a long work/school day and family responsibilities for leisurely necessities such as writing a letter or making a phone call to a friend or family member. So to compensate, they started to develop ways to cut corners in order to save time. One such corner is in communication whereas today, a person can simply send an email or a text message without taking too much time to write out an old-fashion correspondence or make a long distance phone call. Over the course of a few years, even more corners were cut to save more time by abbreviating words and inventing 'code' to speak to each other the does not require the typing out of full words. And herein lies the problem because, with continued use of ...

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A 99.9% of proper Grammar is obsolete is examined.