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Grammar & Essay Writing Techniques

Thesis, thesis statement

I can't find a thesis sentence in Nancy Mairs's "On Being a Cripple". If it has a thesis statement,(not one thesis sentence) how do i find it?

Literary essays for American Literature

Quite often, a student is left to evaluate a piece of literature and then choose a topic for an essay. That essay is dependent upon the class in which the piece of literature is taught. Essays can range from women's issues, both past and present, as it relates from the literary text to an essay that is targeted to a specific, ge

I don't know how to make an introductory paragraph for these 2 essay topics.

Enjoyment of reading comes from being challenged by themes and ideas of a short story. Evaluate this statement by making reference to "The Rose" written by Peter Carey. No one has a right to impose their private will upon another. Explain how the reader can detect values and attitudes/assumptions too through the examination

Grammar and revision practice

I need to revise and edit an online essay for placement in an English class. I would like to have some practice before going in for this online test. Can you provide some essays for me to practice on?

Gospel Sentences By Matthew Sorted By Type

The assignment is to identify all sentences in the Bible's Gospel according to Saint Matthew as simple, compound or complex, with rationale based on definitions of the clauses contained in each sentence. An English translation of a Russian version of the Gospel will be provided. No writing is required, just the type of sen