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Ideas for Writing Conclusions

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My conclusion doesn't feel complete. Can you give me some ideas for how to improve it?

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<b>Ideas for successful conclusions</b>
<br><br>The conclusion of an essay is the writer's last chance to convey the full scope of the paper and the significance, meaning, and implications of the points presented. And yet, sometimes trying to develop the conclusion can feel like agony. How do we tie everything together? What was it that we most wanted to say?
<br><br>Sometimes we get a few ideas down, feel like we know it's not really getting at the heart of the issue, but don't know what else to write. We just let the conclusion trail off with a sentence or two, sensing that it's somehow incomplete.
<br><br>Many style guides recommend taking a break from your work in order to let your ideas settle for a while before revisiting and revising a paper. This may be particularly important before writing the conclusion.
<br><br>Whether you take a break or not, this may also be a good time to revisit the outline for the paper (or create it, if this is where you include this step in your writing process). What were the main points rising out of each section? How might those be summed up in just a short phrase? When boiling ...

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