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Grammatically Correct

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Which one of the sentences is grammatically correct?

A) Since we were behind schedule, we had to work quick.
B) She felt badly that she arrived so late.
C) Of all the students in the class, he asked permission most politely.
D) He sure was real smart to figure that out.

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This question is asking us to identify the correct use of each adverb.
<br>In example A), if we look at the end of the sentence we can ask ourselves which word "quick" is modifying. This word tells us how the subject, "we," worked. How did we work? Quick. Because this word modifies a verb, we should use the adverbial form ending in -ly.
<br>Example B) is tricky. First we can find the subject... she. What did she do? Felt. How did she feel? It seems at first like "badly" is a very appropriate response to this test question, and that the -ly form is the appropriate use in this case. ...

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