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Grammar & Essay Writing Techniques

Business communication for managers

Assignment 3a 3a. Good News Letter-- Write a block-style letter to a customer or client, to a vendor or supplier, or to your boss announcing good news. (possible topics include a price cut, product improvement). Assignment 3b 3b. Bad News MEMO-- Write a bad news MEMO to employees explaining a new smoking policy

How an essay functions as a work of literature

Because essays are nonfiction, they are assumed to be factual, or true to life. However, they are also works of literature shaped for emotional and aesthetic effect. They are intended to make their readers feel and to be beautiful. Please discuss Essay Analysis.

Ideas for a contemporary drama comparative essay are generated.

Ideas about the following plays from the contemporary period are found: Endgame, Mother Courage, Hedda Gabler, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Oedipus Rex or Lysistrata. Tony Kushner's Angels in America Sam Shepard's True West August Wilson's Fences

I need help with various grammar questions.

Question 1 A comma should be used ________ and, but, or another coordinating conjunction linking main clauses. a.before b.after c.between d.both before and after Question 2 Choose the correct use of apostrophes in the sentence below. The trucks muffler clearly had several ho

5 grammatical examples are included.

Here are three rules of grammar to review: (1) Your vs. You're You're the owner of your car. Your dog barks when you're leaving. Try repeating your sentence, using "you are." If "you are" makes sense, then use you're. (2) It's vs. Its Its is possessive; it's is a contraction for "it is." It's a good day when

Planning an essay is discussed.

This job discusses the approach to the writing process in planning, organizing, and writing an essay. I need help expressing critical thinking in an essay. Discuss the approach to the writing process in planning, organizing, and writing an essay. Discuss why you thought that the process worked for you or how it helped you

The Importance of Grammar Usage

Your employer takes pride in having their employees make presentations about several work-related topics. You have been asked to explain to your colleagues the importance of grammar usage. Prior to presenting- your manager has asked for you to put together a summary. your summary must include: The reasons why proper grammar

"Coping with Procrastination"

Discuss how "Coping with Procrastination" is a cause-effect essay, analyzing the structure of the essay, whether "cause" or "effect" oriented (or both). Discuss briefly how the essay's structure contributes to its overall thesis/main point.

English Grammar: Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions in English Grammar 1) Why should you avoid using double negative? A)you should never use the word ain't in your essays (B) double negatives are acceptable in isolated instance for emphasis (C) double negative are grammatically incorrect (D) double negatives often yield sentence with indefinite prono

English Grammar

Question 1 In the sentence He quietly opened the door and went to the back seat, He is a/an a. noun b. pronoun c. adverb d. adjective Question 2 In the sentence He quietly opened the door and went to the back seat, quietly is a/an a. preposition b. conjunction

Writing a letter

Your boss wants to send a brief email message welcoming employees recently transferred to your department from your Hong Kong branch. They all speak English, but your boss asks you to review his message for clarity. What would you suggest your boss change in the following email message, and why? Would you consider this message t

English Grammar Objective Complements

Direct objects, indirect objects and objective complements are located: 1- critics consider rembrandt the most thoroughly protestant painter of the northern renaissance. 2- president nixon appointed william rehnquist associate justice of the supreme court in 1972. 3- king james I gave scottish settlers a large of land in

Direct Objects and Objective Complements

This posting looks at which are the direct objects and objective complements of the following sentences: 1- thirty years of experience have made mr. clarke an excellent teacher. 2- mr. leathers appointed robert captain of the yard cleaning crew. 3- mr. riley considers anthony fortunate to have been selected to serve on the

Grammar Problem

Please help me with the following practice questions: In the below sentences, can you state what EACH word is using this terminology - Adjective, Auxiliary Verb, Definite Article, Indefinate Article, Main Verb, Noun, Preposition, Adverb, Conjunction, Determiner, Gerund, Modal Verb, Pronoun, Superlative Adjective. 1. Man

Three important rules of writing

Question: In a few sentences, complete the following thought: "In my previous classes and from my own writing experience, I've learned that the three most important rules of writing are. . ." It is important that you indicate why these are the most important rules. In addition, provide specific examples of how you plan to inc


This document describes how to write a basic, 5 paragraph essay. This would be particularly helpful if you need assistance with a composition class.

Sentence Diagram / Grammar

I have a sentence that I would like parsed (by a person, not a computer). It's a sentence I found in the Economist. One of my students asked me to parse it, but I've found that it's been much too long since I've done any diagramming. I would like it parsed in similar fashion to the way it's done in Max Morenberg's book 'Doi

I need help with my essay about Margaret Atwood.

In our Autobiographical Narrative unit, we talked about original topic presentation. This essay definitely fits the bill. For example, instead of saying "Women's bodies have long been exploited in advertising," she says, It sells cars, beer, shaving lotion, cigarettes, hard liquor; it sells diet plans and diamonds, and desire

Tenses checking my work is correct

Highlighted words are in capitals. 1 Mark WENT for a job interview last week. 2 IWORK from nine to five every day. 3 Sam will BE 23 in April. 4 Snow MELTS when the temperature RISES. 5 No, thanks, i;ve just HAD a cup of tea. 6 I wish Ii HAD a better paid job. 7 I was HAVING dinner when Linda came in. 8 Will you LEND me


The capital letters are the highlighted words The key is as follows. a= present simple b= past simple c= present continuous d= past continouous e= present perfect f= past perfect g= present perfect continuous h= past perfect contiuous i= future "going to" j= future simple (future + will) k future contiuous l= future

Check Grammar Auxiliary Verb

Which sentences include an auxiliary verb and which have the main verb. 1. John is in Tokio at the moment. 2. Sam might win the tourament. 3. I should speak to Linda. 4. Could you shut the door please. 5. When does Frank come to England? 6. I'm the boss here. 7. I want some chocolate. 8. Do you have the time please? 9


A= adjective B= adverb C= auxiliary verb D= conjunction E= definite article F= determiner G= indefinite article H= gerund J= modal verb L= personal pronoun M = preposition N= superlative adjective From this sentence I have to label all the words A to N and distinguish between general determiners and the definite and inde

Two Simple Sentence Compounds

I need 10 sentences in the patterns that follow. Underline each subject, bold each verb, and italicize each subordinator. Underline subjects and bold verbs in main clauses and in subordinate clauses. Two simple sentences with a compound verb or compound subject in each sentence. Three compound sentences using each of the thr