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    Grammar & Essay Writing Techniques

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    How to be a responsible pet owner - Process Essay Outline

    How to be a responsible pet owner. Use Process Analysis as the major method of exposition. The essay will be judged on focus, organization, mechanics, standard conventions, word choice, usage, and sentence structure. One or more of the following prewriting techniques are acceptable. Freewriting, Brainstorming, Mapping, Diag

    Communicate technical information to different audiences

    SQ1: Technical instructions are often used to communicate technical information to different audiences. What are some of the components of an instruction that help audiences understand a technical product? Explain an example of a technical product when you lacked the needed instructions to understand its functions.

    Persuasive Essay brainstorming

    Persuasive Essay Examine a local, regional, or national current event or political issue that has affected you, your family, or your community recently. For example, you could address either the national or your local government's fiscal and tax policies and explain how they have affected the economy or your own personal situat

    Comparison and Contrast Essay

    I am looking for help with a comapre and contrast essay. the assignment also requires an outline to be turned in with it. Does anyone have any ideas? The topic is pretty well open to anything.

    Activities to improve this learner's area of weakness.

    I previously identified some vocabulary errors of a university prep class ESL student. ( as evident in one of the essays, please find this attached along with information on the class/learning profile) Now I decided to find and design materials/activities to help this learner work on one of the areas of

    Mike Rose essay help is offered.

    In Mike Rose's Essay, "I Just Wanna Be Average," he states, "Students will rise to the mark you set." 1) What exactly does he mean by this statement? Is he saying that if teachers only challenge the students to a certain point they won't rise above that mark? What about students who set their own goals and standards? 2)

    Business communication for managers

    Assignment 3a 3a. Good News Letter-- Write a block-style letter to a customer or client, to a vendor or supplier, or to your boss announcing good news. (possible topics include a price cut, product improvement). Assignment 3b 3b. Bad News MEMO-- Write a bad news MEMO to employees explaining a new smoking policy

    How an essay functions as a work of literature

    Because essays are nonfiction, they are assumed to be factual, or true to life. However, they are also works of literature shaped for emotional and aesthetic effect. They are intended to make their readers feel and to be beautiful. Please discuss Essay Analysis.

    Ideas for a contemporary drama comparative essay are generated.

    Ideas about the following plays from the contemporary period are found: Endgame, Mother Courage, Hedda Gabler, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Oedipus Rex or Lysistrata. Tony Kushner's Angels in America Sam Shepard's True West August Wilson's Fences

    I need help with various grammar questions.

    Question 1 A comma should be used ________ and, but, or another coordinating conjunction linking main clauses. a.before b.after c.between d.both before and after Question 2 Choose the correct use of apostrophes in the sentence below. The trucks muffler clearly had several ho

    5 grammatical examples are included.

    Here are three rules of grammar to review: (1) Your vs. You're You're the owner of your car. Your dog barks when you're leaving. Try repeating your sentence, using "you are." If "you are" makes sense, then use you're. (2) It's vs. Its Its is possessive; it's is a contraction for "it is." It's a good day when

    Writing Benefits

    Please give me your opinions on these questions: How do you feel about writing? Do you like it or not? Why? Any horror stories about grammar?

    Planning an essay is discussed.

    This job discusses the approach to the writing process in planning, organizing, and writing an essay. I need help expressing critical thinking in an essay. Discuss the approach to the writing process in planning, organizing, and writing an essay. Discuss why you thought that the process worked for you or how it helped you

    The Importance of Grammar Usage

    Your employer takes pride in having their employees make presentations about several work-related topics. You have been asked to explain to your colleagues the importance of grammar usage. Prior to presenting- your manager has asked for you to put together a summary. your summary must include: The reasons why proper grammar

    "Coping with Procrastination"

    Discuss how "Coping with Procrastination" is a cause-effect essay, analyzing the structure of the essay, whether "cause" or "effect" oriented (or both). Discuss briefly how the essay's structure contributes to its overall thesis/main point.

    English Grammar: Multiple Choice Questions

    Multiple Choice Questions in English Grammar 1) Why should you avoid using double negative? A)you should never use the word ain't in your essays (B) double negatives are acceptable in isolated instance for emphasis (C) double negative are grammatically incorrect (D) double negatives often yield sentence with indefinite prono

    English Grammar

    Question 1 In the sentence He quietly opened the door and went to the back seat, He is a/an a. noun b. pronoun c. adverb d. adjective Question 2 In the sentence He quietly opened the door and went to the back seat, quietly is a/an a. preposition b. conjunction