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    How an essay functions as a work of literature

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    Because essays are nonfiction, they are assumed to be factual, or true to life. However, they are also works of literature shaped for emotional and aesthetic effect. They are intended to make their readers feel and to be beautiful.
    Please discuss Essay Analysis.

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    We've all been forced at some point to read essays that were monotonous, wordy, and uninteresting. Often they are assigned to students because they contain some relevant information or important concepts. However, if an essay is written purely to convey facts, with no attention to its readability or literary aesthetics, only the most determined readers will bother to drag themselves through it.

    In your introduction, I would suggest that you discuss how essays are intended to be read, just like all other written ...

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    The expert discusses how essays are works of literature and literary techniques that can be used to increase an essay's aesthetic quality and readability.