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Mike Rose Essay Analysis

In Mike Rose's Essay, "I Just Wanna Be Average," he states, "Students will rise to the mark you set."

1) What exactly does he mean by this statement? Is he saying that if teachers only challenge the students to a certain point they won't rise above that mark? What about students who set their own goals and standards?

2) What are some examples in today's society that are obvious or have been newsworthy that validate or refute this idea?

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Fun questions! Thanks!

1) This statement, to me, firmly reiterates a teacher's magical and esteemed role as mentor. If we model mediocrity with our teaching, style, work ethic, assignments, attitudes, and expectations in class, students will likewise duplicate and also settle for this bland middle ground.

In order to truly cultivate extraordinary in the classroom, we, too, must be extraordinary each and every day as leaders. This step is critical to empower teachers as well as students. What do ...

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