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Mike Rose Essay reaction

1) With regard to Mike Rose's essay, what would some suggestions be for ways in which teachers can be more effective?

2) When Mr. Rose states, "Students will rise to the mark you set", I now understand what he meant by that statement, however, I am wondering if this is just negative, or if there were positive validations to that statement as well. What are the negative connotations of the statement versus the positive ones?

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1. With regard to Mike Rose's essay, I suggest some ways in which teachers can be more effective in terms of setting and endorsing high standards from the beginning. For example, I have a solid ZAP policy in my classes. By articulating from Day 1 to kids that "zeroes are not permitted" (ZAP), kids precisely know that I will not accept failure to attitudes in refusals to produce quality work. Thus, I teach, re-teach, tutor, and allow revisions as a safety net.

I also allow re-dos, offer individual support during lunch, before and after school sessions in order to help kids to succeed and believe in themselves.

I think it also ...

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