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College entrance essay

Instructions for composing a college entrance application essay, with a model sample essay.

College entrance essay about the choice for my future

This is an essay about choosing to enter college as an Army ROTC cadet.

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This essay is supposed to present you, or to market yourself in a positive light, to the college admission officials at the school you are making application to. You need to present yourself attractively, and memorably to the admittance officials who read hundreds of these application essays. You CANNOT have errors in this essay, so proofreading is an essential part of writing the essay, along with choosing carefully what you wish to say.

First, your posting mentions that you wish to enter college as a ROTC cadet. I am assuming by this that you intend to seek an officer's position in the United States military upon your graduation from college, and that you are planning to undergo officer candidate's training. You will need to choose carefully your major course of study as an undergraduate, since you will need skills that the military can use. Courses in science and mathematics will serve you well, and practical courses such as electricity, electronics, physics, and computer programming and applications will also prove useful to you later.
These sorts of courses will be what you will want to mention interest in when you compose the essay.

Since this is an application essay, it does not have to follow the standard five-paragraph persuasive essay format. You can safely deviate from that format, depending, of course, on what you choose to say about yourself, your goals and ambitions, your interests and why you choose to apply to this ...

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Instructions for writing a college application essay, with a model example essay.