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Essay Help: Writing Informative Essays

An example of an informative, humorous paper is modeled.

Outline help for papers is provided.

Examples of paper topics are given.

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Topic ideas for an informative paper that compare things:

Comparing two ways to manage a difficult employee

Comparing ONE aspect of one city, state or country with another

Comparing one type of leadership you've experienced (or exercised) with another

Compare your first day on a job with a recent day (or your last day)

Comparing a junior level position with a senior level position in your organization

Comparing an effective training program with a ineffective training program (based on your personal experience)

Comparing work cultures of two groups, organizations, departments or professional fields

The five-paragraph format is one of the easiest to complete, comprised of an introduction paragraph with a thesis, three supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your outline should be as follows:

I. Introduction
- Thesis
II. Supporting Paragraph 1
III. Supporting Paragraph 2
IV. Supporting Paragraph 3
V. Conclusion

Below is an example that will hopefully help you as you create your own paper. Please note that each paragraph should be indented. I am not able to do so via Brainmass for some reason, but your paper should be.

(Compare your first day on a job with a recent day - or your last day)

Any job has its ups and downs. Teaching is certainly no different. Teaching in a middle school, like I do, is an ever-changing job dependent on factors such as the barometric pressure and the hormonal cycles of my students. No two days are the same. It has been said that experience is the best teacher and I have to agree. If one were to compare the first day of teaching with my last, he or she would see what I mean. Experience in ...

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