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    Grammar & Essay Writing Techniques

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    Writing a letter

    Your boss wants to send a brief email message welcoming employees recently transferred to your department from your Hong Kong branch. They all speak English, but your boss asks you to review his message for clarity. What would you suggest your boss change in the following email message, and why? Would you consider this message t

    English Grammar Sentences

    Combine the following pairs of sentences into one sentence containing an appositive 1- the sea cucumber is a relative of the sea urchin and the starfish. the sea cucumber is not actually a plant at all. 2- margaret thatcher was once the prime minister of great britain. she was the first woman to be a prime minister in eu

    English Grammar Objective Complements

    Direct objects, indirect objects and objective complements are located: 1- critics consider rembrandt the most thoroughly protestant painter of the northern renaissance. 2- president nixon appointed william rehnquist associate justice of the supreme court in 1972. 3- king james I gave scottish settlers a large of land in

    Direct Objects and Objective Complements

    This posting looks at which are the direct objects and objective complements of the following sentences: 1- thirty years of experience have made mr. clarke an excellent teacher. 2- mr. leathers appointed robert captain of the yard cleaning crew. 3- mr. riley considers anthony fortunate to have been selected to serve on the

    Grammar Problem

    Please help me with the following practice questions: In the below sentences, can you state what EACH word is using this terminology - Adjective, Auxiliary Verb, Definite Article, Indefinate Article, Main Verb, Noun, Preposition, Adverb, Conjunction, Determiner, Gerund, Modal Verb, Pronoun, Superlative Adjective. 1. Man

    Three important rules of writing

    Question: In a few sentences, complete the following thought: "In my previous classes and from my own writing experience, I've learned that the three most important rules of writing are. . ." It is important that you indicate why these are the most important rules. In addition, provide specific examples of how you plan to inc


    This document describes how to write a basic, 5 paragraph essay. This would be particularly helpful if you need assistance with a composition class.

    Sentence Diagram / Grammar

    I have a sentence that I would like parsed (by a person, not a computer). It's a sentence I found in the Economist. One of my students asked me to parse it, but I've found that it's been much too long since I've done any diagramming. I would like it parsed in similar fashion to the way it's done in Max Morenberg's book 'Doi

    I need help with my essay about Margaret Atwood.

    In our Autobiographical Narrative unit, we talked about original topic presentation. This essay definitely fits the bill. For example, instead of saying "Women's bodies have long been exploited in advertising," she says, It sells cars, beer, shaving lotion, cigarettes, hard liquor; it sells diet plans and diamonds, and desire

    Tenses checking my work is correct

    Highlighted words are in capitals. 1 Mark WENT for a job interview last week. 2 IWORK from nine to five every day. 3 Sam will BE 23 in April. 4 Snow MELTS when the temperature RISES. 5 No, thanks, i;ve just HAD a cup of tea. 6 I wish Ii HAD a better paid job. 7 I was HAVING dinner when Linda came in. 8 Will you LEND me


    The capital letters are the highlighted words The key is as follows. a= present simple b= past simple c= present continuous d= past continouous e= present perfect f= past perfect g= present perfect continuous h= past perfect contiuous i= future "going to" j= future simple (future + will) k future contiuous l= future

    Check Grammar Auxiliary Verb

    Which sentences include an auxiliary verb and which have the main verb. 1. John is in Tokio at the moment. 2. Sam might win the tourament. 3. I should speak to Linda. 4. Could you shut the door please. 5. When does Frank come to England? 6. I'm the boss here. 7. I want some chocolate. 8. Do you have the time please? 9


    A= adjective B= adverb C= auxiliary verb D= conjunction E= definite article F= determiner G= indefinite article H= gerund J= modal verb L= personal pronoun M = preposition N= superlative adjective From this sentence I have to label all the words A to N and distinguish between general determiners and the definite and inde

    Two Simple Sentence Compounds

    I need 10 sentences in the patterns that follow. Underline each subject, bold each verb, and italicize each subordinator. Underline subjects and bold verbs in main clauses and in subordinate clauses. Two simple sentences with a compound verb or compound subject in each sentence. Three compound sentences using each of the thr

    Examples of English verb tenses

    Have I got the correct tenses next to the sentences? She’s been teaching English since 1990 Past simple After a year abroard, I’ll have done a lot Future progressive I go to the cinema twice a week Present perfect simple They were living in America last year Past perfect Sh

    Grammar usage is discussed.

    Which sentence is grammatically correct? A) She should of typed the report. B) Would you get a pencil off her? C) The new salesclerk waited on me. D) They had to wait for John and I.

    Grammar-prepositional related error

    Which one of the following sentences has a prepositional related error? A) There was a fight between the 2 men. B) The Cerritos center is near to my office. C) They gave a party for Mary and me. D) The report was sent to everyone except her.


    Is anything wrong with the following sentence? Carmen is tall, slender, and a woman of great beauty. A) comma splice B) dangler C) correct D) lacks parallel parts

    Grammar-active voice

    Which is in active voice? A) The compositions were corrected by the teacher. B) The patient's c-ray was read by the radiologist. C) Too many mistakes were found in the document. D) The supervisor announced the newwork schedule.


    What if anything is wrong with this sentence? To be fit, you should get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet. A) Correct B) Comma splice C) Lacks parallel parts D) Unclear pronoun


    What, if anything, is wrong with the following sentence? Do you advise me to go to college or that I should get a job after high school? a) run-on b) misplaced part c) Lacks parallel parts d) Properly constructed sentence

    Which sentence contains parallel parts?

    Which sentence contains parallel parts? a) In the business world, you must write clearly and with conciseness. b) I would rather drive a car than ride a bike to work. c) Joan is a member of the internal audit committee, a team ;eader, and plays on the company softball team. d) The seminar speaker's talk was motivating

    What is wrong, if anything with this sentence?

    What is wrong, if anything with this sentence? Do you see the pretty girl standing next to the car with the red boots on? a) run-on b) misplaced part c) Properly constructed d) fregment My answer a) ?


    What if anything is wrong with the following sentences? The new drug proved to be highly effective, it has no side effects. a) comma splice b)correctly constructed c) lacks parallel parts d)Has unclear pronoun


    Is anything wrong with this sentence? Noah Webster, author of the original Webster's Dicionary, believed that a dictionary should contain more than the definitions of words; therefore, he included their etymologies as well. a) comma splice b) dangler c) run-on d) correctly constructed

    A grammar question

    Which if anything is wrong with the following sentence? An appeals court ordered the money returned, however, the IRS didn't comply. a) Lacks parallel parts b) correct c) comma splice d) Dangler

    What if anything is wrong with the following sentence?

    What if anything is wrong with the following sentence? Noah Webster supported himself through sales of his spelling book over 100 million copies of the book were sold. a) Correct b) run-on c) Dangler d) Misplaced part I think b. Correct?


    Which sentence is a comma splice? a) While the lawer propared the case, her assistant checked the report she found no mistakes. b) Because all the members were early, the meeting got underway ahead of schedule. c) Dr. Matheson, speaking as head of the hospital's medical council. d) The secretary handed the report to th