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    Sentence Diagramming

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    I have a sentence that I would like parsed (by a person, not a computer). It's a
    sentence I found in the Economist. One of my students asked me to parse it, but I've found that it's been much too long since I've done any diagramming.

    I would like it parsed in similar fashion to the way it's done in Max Morenberg's book 'Doing Grammar'. Here's the sentence:

    "However, a breakthrough came when he realised that what he had been thinking of as different parts of speech were, in fact, grammatically the same."

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    1. A breakthrough came. (Principal clause)
    2. When he realized. (Adverb clause, modifying came in 1.)
    3. That what he had been thinking of. (Noun clause. Subordinate to 2, object of realized)
    4. As ...