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Examples of English verb tenses

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Have I got the correct tenses next to the sentences?

She’s been teaching English since 1990 Past simple

After a year abroard, I’ll have done a lot Future progressive

I go to the cinema twice a week Present perfect simple

They were living in America last year Past perfect

She's washing her hair right now Present simple

He worked in Greece for three years Past simple

I've been here for six months Past perfect simple

I'll be seeing my mother next week Future perfect simple

I'll see you tomorrow Present progressive

By the end of the month, I’d spent all my money Present progressive

She’s going to try to get into college next year Future going to

We HAD FINISHED eating before they arrived Past perfect simple
I met Mark as I WAS WALKING to the shops Present perfect progression
I HAD BEEN WORKING all night and was exhausted Present simple
She HAD HAD that dog since she was ten Past simple
He CYCLED to work every day Present simple
I HAVE BEEN WAITING for you for over an hour Present simple
He BECAME a recluse in later life Past perfect simple
They WILL HAVE FINISHED their homework before dinner time Future progression

I'LL BE WAITING by the clock tower Present simple

The right TENSE or VERB phrase used and the correct time referenced it has?

I wish I HAD more time to finish this exercise
When you have FINISHED, you can go home
Major CALLS for peace summit (headline)
I’m MEETING some friends at the pub tonight
WE'VE got the next lesson in the language library
I AM to give a speech at the conference next week

Are these the the correct conditionals?

If you heat water to 100 degrees Celsius, it boils PRESENT

If you go out alone at night, you will get into trouble 2nd CONDITIONAL

If you had lived in Spain, you would have been able to speak Spanish. 2nd CONDITIONAL

If I eat chocolate all the time, I get fat 1st CONDITIONAL
If I were you. I’d buy that red dress PRESENT

If she had looked where she was going, she would'nt have had an accident. 3rd CONDITIONAL

If you come to the party tonight, you’ll meet Tom 2ND conditional


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Examples of English verb tenses

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1) Past Perfect
3) Present simple
5) Present continuous
8) Future ...

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