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Table of tenses

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We are given a table of tenses which I am having difficulty completing. The table shows some of the forms that can be used to talk about the future.

These are the instructions we are given:

Criteria 1- your teaching should reflect your example sentence and the use/meaning.

Criteria 2- when analysing the form of the language, use the relevant terminology. e.g. present participle

at the end please state the reference materials that you used (if any) for completing this table.

Thanks for the help!

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A table of tenses is guided. The expert uses relevant terminology for analyze the forms of the languages.

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Present Continuous/Present Progressive: In a normal affirmative statement, it is an action in the process of taking place. In the negative statement, it represents an action taking place for a limited amount of time. In the "question" statement, it represents an action that will take place in the future.

is going, is jumping, etc.

'Going to' Future I: This type of tense uses (to be[am/is/are] + present participle + infinitive with 'to'). In the affirmative and negative sense, it represents the decision made for the future, while in the questioning sense, it represents a conclusion with ...

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