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    Capital Verbs and the Ttime Reference

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    Please can you answer the following tenses E.G. concentrate on capital verbs only and give the time reference.
    Each question should have a tense and time reference

    I'm TRAVELLING to London next week.

    I wish I had more time to FINISH this exercise.

    When you have FINISHED you can go home.

    Gorbachev CALLS for peace summit.

    I'm MEETING some friends at the pub tonight.

    We've GOT the next lesson in the language laboratory.

    I am to GIVE a speech at the conference next week.

    If I had RUN faster, I would have won the race.

    We'RE off to the cinema later.

    Fifteen DIE in Avalanche.

    Tense structure to use - present simple , past simple , present continuous , past continuous , present perfect , past perfect , present perfect continuous , past perfect continuous , future going to , future simple , future continuous , future perfect , future perfect continuous.

    Time structure to use - present - past - future

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    I'm TRAVELING to London next week. (Present - Present ...

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    Please can you answer the following tenses e.g. concentrate on capital verbs only and give the time reference (e.g. present, past. future). Supplemented with a resource describing in detaik verb tenses and time references.