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Recognizing Subjects and Verbs in Simple Sentences

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Questions for study guide

Subject lines and verbs.

Distinguishing between dependant and independant clauses.

Compound Subjects, Compound Verbs and independant sentences.

Please see attachment for all questions in detail.

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The expert examines recognizing subjects and verbs in simple sentences. Dependent and independent clauses are distinguished between.

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Shawn Fagundes-Hansen: MA (IP)
<br>BrainMass OTA #102898
<br>25 July 2004
<br>Problem Posting #22375:
<br>Your question as I understand it:
<br>You need assistance completing a grammar study guide that includes the following exercises:
<br>? Identifying subjects and verbs;
<br>? Identifying clauses as independent or dependent;
<br>? Determining whether a subject, a verb, or an entire sentence is ...

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