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simple subjects and verbs

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Circle the simple subjects and verbs in the following passage. Place one line under each independent clause and two lines under each dependent clause. (Recall that an independent clause can stand on its own as a complete sentence.)

Many argue that the blues and jazz are the first truly American musical forms. With its origin in the slave narratives, the blues took roots during the 1920s and 1930s as African American composers, musicians and singers performed in the cabarets and clubs of Harlem. Jazz, however, has its origins in New Orleans. Today, we can still appreciate the music of Bassie Smith, Duke Ellington, and BB King. Rock and Roll is also distinctively American of music. Our country's first rock star was without a doubt Elvis Presley, who emerges on the nation's airways in the mid-1950s with such a hit as Heartbreak Hotel, don't be cruel, and all shook up. A decade later, Americans were expressing themselves musically through rhythms and blues, pop, folk rock, and protest music. Today, thanks to recording technology, we have easy access to our country's rich musical history.

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Simple subjects and verbs are examined.

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