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Finding Errors in a Comprehension Homework

The language used in the text tries to shock the young children into becoming vegetarians by telling them how cruel they are treated by the offspring taken away so early. There were also the use of unpleasant words such as 'killed and cruel'. I was asked to find out what was wrong with this answer that was given by another student in a 'factory farming vegetarian leaflet' but I don't understand what the teacher meant.

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Don't worry--take a deep breath because this task is not as complicated as you might imagine! I have a few tips that will get you through this assignment, and I suspect your final efforts will be positively rewarded.

To begin with, the term COMPREHENSION must be understood; simply stated, COMPREHENSION means TO UNDERSTAND. This definition must be applied to the task at hand: your reading and understanding of the paragraph, AND whether or not YOUR UNDERSTANDING of its details MATCHES the WRITER'S intent.
<br>In the text you have been assigned, the WRITER'S intent IS NOT reflected by the WRITER'S words; therefore, the ...

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The errors in comprehension are found. The language used in text to try and shock young children into becoming vegetarians are determined.