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Spanish Reflexive Verbs

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Are these the correct tenses for verbos reflexivos?

Yo lavarse las manos despuēs de ir al bańo.

Luisa maquillarse cuando sale con su novio. And, please translate this one!

Santiago y Aldolfo afeitarse sin espejo.

Eva y yo cepillarse los dientes por la manańa.

Ustedes arreglarse antes de ir al club.

El Seńor Gōmez sentirse mal.

Usted vestirse con ropa de los ańos 60.

Tຠy yo despertarse temprano.

Roberto y tຠdespedirse.

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Understanding Spanish reflexive verbs are examined. Examples are provided.

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I wanted to take a minute to go over reflexive verbs with you. It seems that you have the correct infinitives, but might need some clarification on the usage.

Reflexive verbs are verbs that do something to someone.

Meaning. I am taking a shower : Yo me ducho. While ducharse is the correct reflective verb, you still need to conjugate to the correct tense. So, duchar (the root infinitive) would become ducho.

Now, part 2.

Reflexive verb endings (me, te, se, nos, se) can only be placed before a conjugated verb - ...

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