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Check Grammar Auxiliary Verb

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Which sentences include an auxiliary verb and which have the main verb.

1. John is in Tokio at the moment.
2. Sam might win the tourament.
3. I should speak to Linda.
4. Could you shut the door please.
5. When does Frank come to England?
6. I'm the boss here.
7. I want some chocolate.
8. Do you have the time please?
9. Are you working now?
10. Can you swin 60 metres underwater?

My answers are 2,5,6,8,9 are auxiliary verbs.

THIS book is mine, but THAT is his.

MORE people go on abroad ON holiday every year these days.

I don't usually have any time for shopping.

I'm so hungry I could eat anything.

Am I correct that the capital letters in the first two sentences are dertiminers. The last two have no determiners.

Thank you

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The expert examines check grammar for auxiliary verbs.

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There are a couple of other sentences you should look at:
3. I should speak to Linda. That "should" is a modal auxilliary verb. You should check it against whatever definition of auxilliary verb you have been given; sometimes people distinguish between modal auxilliaries (may, shall, will, etc.) and other kinds like "do".
4. Could you . . . . Again, could is ...

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