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I don't know how to write a rebuttly essay or even what a rebuttle essay is.

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I was recently assigned a writiing assignment in my history class. I have to read two different stories about, "was the great awakwening a key to the american revolution." One man says yes, the other says no. Can you tell me what a rebuttle essay is and what the contents of my paper should include. The paper is to be no more than three pages and no less than one two pages.

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Thanks for your posting.
<br>Within a debate, a courtroom setting, or in written form, a rebuttal is where a writer or speaker recognizes what has just been said, and responds to it directly, pointing out the areas which might be granted as true, and the areas which might be viewed as false--those points where others clearly disagree. To many people, the key to creating a strong rebuttal is to stay very closely to the points that were presented by the other writers or speakers. In other words, if someone wrote a more general paper to give his or her own ...

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