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    guidelines for successfully writing a descriptive essay

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    Take a moment and tell me how you got where you are today. You need not get too personal, in fact, please don't, but,

    How did you get to be who you are today in terms of your work skills?

    What story do you tell when asked about a new job?

    Notice, those two questions are not the same. What actually happened to a person, and the story he or she tells are often quite different.

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    The first step to writing this assignment would definitely be brainstorming. This writing technique can help you get unstuck by jotting down any ideas you may have about all the questions being asked here on this assignment. Since you're in high school, you may not be working. That is probably a difficult concept for you to grasp. However, you can go around the question by focusing on the key word, "skills". When you begin writing this assignment, you should think of the types of skills you personally have: for example, "what are you good ...

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