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Example of an Autobiographical Essay

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The author of this piece of writing provides a vivid account of her experience on election day to show readers how to craft a good autobiographical essay. The reading relates to how she felt when visiting another city and closes by tying in information about her aspirations and dreams.

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(This is just a suggestion, but your first draft should be formatted in past tense to give your reader a little background about your situation and past achievements).

That day, I was a polling place administrator. Despite witnessing the historical vote of hundreds of people who passed in and out of our precinct doors, a cloud of uncertainty still loomed. "Would he REALLY win?" Nevertheless, we anticipated the results of the election and listened in as a faint voice loomed in and out on the television broadcast. I had a ticket for the Grant Park event, but would never be able to make it to the gates before they closed. So I opted to watch the evening unfold from my mentor's condo, where I knew I would be able to have a much better view. The drive from my work station ...

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According to thefreedictionary.com, expository means "a setting forth of meaning or intent." The writing provided in this excerpt classifies as both expository and autobiographical because it not only discusses the intention of the author, but also provides a biography of the person who wrote the piece. Essays that are formatted this way can serve a number of purposes for authors and audiences. They can serve as a personal statement for admission to an academic program or solely as a standard essay for an English assignment. But, no matter what your intent is, you'll be sure to win people over and get your point across by following the given format.

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