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prepositional phrases

Please answer the two questions below based on the following sentence:

"The next step in the process--making sunglasses chic--was the result of a clever 1960s advertising campaign by the firm of Foster Grant."

1. Identify the subject, verb, and prepositional phase, and how does the subject and verb appeal to you?

2. How does the prepositional phrase in the sentence function to help the reader understand the writer's point or idea?

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The subject of an English sentence or phrase is typically a noun (person, place, thing) that appears before/in front of a verb (word indicating action or state of being).

For example, in the phrase "dogs run", "dogs" (a noun) is the subject of the verb "run." Or, in the phrase "a cat is a great pet", the noun "cat" is the subject of the verb "is".

This sentence is a bit tricky because the subject and the main verb are separated by several words. Also, I think the first question about the sentence confuses the ideas of grammatical subject and main idea as subject. I would imagine ...

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