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    General Questions re: Writing & Grammar

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    Question 1

    When you are thinking about audience when considering the writing situation, which of the following questions might you not consider?

    a. What misconceptions might readers have of my subject or my approach to it?
    b. What are my readers' expectations for the kind of writing I am doing?
    c. Who are my readers and what is my relationship to them?
    d. Will my readers think that my writing is good enough or that it makes sense?

    Question 2

    Which of the following is true about reading for comprehension?

    a. Reading is an active process.
    b. Reading is a passive process.
    c. Students should always take notes that repeat verbatim what the reading material states.
    d. It is a good idea to read all the writing assignments for one unit and then try to take notes on what you have read.

    Question 3

    Which one of the following sentences contains correct semicolon placement and usage?

    a. You are going to the store; the cleaners; and the park.
    b. When you come back from school tomorrow; let the dog out.
    c. I have always enjoyed going to thrift stores and vintage clothing stores; however, now that I live on the East side of town, I never get to go to them anymore.
    d. Clara will be taking two classes next semester; English Composition I and Introduction to Philosophy.

    Question 4

    When students consider their academic audience, instructors serve which role(s):

    a. They judge and condemn your writing while offering no assistance
    b. They act as grammar checkers and editors
    c. They represent the audience the student is addressing and serve as coaches
    d. They are solely cheerleaders who praise you for completing the assignment

    Question 5

    Which one of the following sentences contains correct comma placement and usage?

    a. a. Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."
    b. When I told my friend that I was moving to Athens, he thought I meant Athens Greece not Athens Georgia.
    C. December, 7, 1941 is often referred to as "a day that will live in infamy."
    d. When you tell me to "watch what I'm doing", I become nervous and make mistakes.

    Question 6

    Which of the following best describes prewriting?

    a. Prewriting is an optional step in the writing process.
    b. Prewriting does little to prevent writer's block.
    c. Prewriting helps to build confidence.
    d. Prewriting stifles creativity.

    Question 7

    a. I'm not sure what you are up to however I would like you to stop.
    b. When we reached the peak of the mountain we saw the most amazing sunset.
    c. Timothy is often brash but he means well.
    d. Considering her choices of costumes carefully she decided it would be best to go as a princess.

    Question 8

    The stages (steps) of the writing process

    a. should not be repeated
    b. can be repeated in any order-making the stages into an on-going process
    c. should be gone through one step at a time, completing each one before repeating any
    d. must be gone through for every writing assignment and cannot be tailored to individual students' needs

    Question 9

    Which one of the following sentences contains correct comma placement and usage?

    a. While driving a car can be quicker it is better to ride your bike.

    b. I have two dogs, and I can tell you that two is much more fun.
    c. My favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon are drink coffee, read a good book and sit in the sun.
    d. We found a purple, adobe home to move into out West.

    Question 10

    When drafting, you should

    a. only write when the ideas are flowing freely
    b. be concerned about spelling, punctuation, and grammar
    c. wait until the day before the paper is due
    d. write through writer's block or return to your writing after a break

    Question 11

    Although steps may be repeated, what is the best order for writing? Put the following in order.

    a. Plan your essay by having a particular form in mind
    b. Proofread for grammar, stylistics, and mechanics
    c. Think about what you intend to write and prewrite
    d. Draft your essay, writing from introduction to conclusion
    e. Revise the essay, dealing with issues of content and argument

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