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    Outline for five-paragraph essay on illegal immigration

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    I need an example of a detailed outline for an essay on illegal immigration. I am not sure how to exactly tackle this one.

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    If you are looking for a detailed outline five-paragraph essay on illegal immigration, I think I would consider going about it in this way.

    First, I would spend a paragraph introducing and defining the problem. Are you talking about illegal immigrants to the United States from Mexico? Illegal immigration to the United States from other countries? Illegal immigration from some non-U.S. country to another non-U.S. country? You'll need to specify what groups of illegal immigrants you are talking about. Are you talking about illegal immigrants to Texas? Arizona? California? All of these states? One of these states? Other states besides these three?

    Second, I would consider spending a paragraph or two on the history of the issue. When did illegal ...

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    This solution provides a possible outline for a five-paragraph essay on illegal immigration.